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1. Download The App

1. Download The App

Download, install and sign up for your free Ethereum wallet.

2. Deposit Ethereum

2. Deposit Ethereum

Deposit a minimum of 0.1 Ethereum into your wallet.

3. Select a Subscription

3. Select a Subscription

Select between two Amplify plans to begin.

4. Accumulate or Reinvest

4. Accumulate or Reinvest

Monthly profit shares are credited to your wallet.

👨‍🌾 Ethereum Stock Growth

We focus on growing, rain or shine.


Your deposits represents a portion of total trading allocation on WOTA Binance's account.


With Amplify programmes, WOTA's traders are then able to forecast, predict and trade consistently, without hiccups.


Realise your returns from WOTA's profit share pool based on your subscription, "harvested" every month.

About Us

WOTA consists of a group of veteran traders trading on the Binance Exchange since they started nearly three years ago. WOTA specializes in Ethereum stock growth by trading against "Altcoins"; Since inception, WOTA has helped their private portfolio clients to achieve returns of up to 150% APY and pooled portfolios returns of up to 15% a month based on past audits on their Ethereum principal.

By introducing Amplify subscription plans through the WOTA app, WOTA aims to reach as many crypto communities globally to provide a seamless and efficient way of growing Ethereum stock.

🚀AMPLIFY Subscriptions

Simple, and Transparent Growth Plans For your Ethereum


Assuming an average monthly profit of 10%
Here is an example of how the profit share can be realised with the WOTA app.

If you had subscribed Amplify's Ultimate Growth Fund(UGF) with principal of 10ETH, you would have grown your Ethereum from 10ETH to 22ETH upon plan expiration!

(10ETH x 10% x 50%Amplify) x 24months = 12ETH

Note that profit shares are credited monthly. Please visit this page for detailed Fee Schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

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To grow and reward our fellow introducers, referrals can share their unique registration codes to new users or guide them to enter those codes upon signing up thru the WOTA App. Referrers are rewarded 5% of the monthly profits shares earned by the users they introduced, credited to their WOTA App wallet on a monthly basis.

When your subscription is active, last month's profit shares are distributed to your wallet where you can freely choose to withdraw or reinvest.

Only when termination period is active, Wota allows termination of subscription in which users may exit their subscription with a fee deducted from their principal and the remaining is returned to the user's wallet.

WOTA manages all locked subscriptions as a pool for traders to enter and exit their trade positions. A short subscription period reduces the ability for traders to take better calculated and longer positions hence, affecting total profit rates in general.

Yes, a small subscription fee of 0.5% of principal amount is deducted at the expiration of your plan and returned to your wallet.

WOTA does not incur any deposit fee when you choose to deposit into the app. However to account for gas cost, WOTA currently charges a fixed 0.005 ETH or 0.0005 BTC  per withdrawal.

All subscriptions are considered active beginning on the 1st day of  the coming month regardless of which day you have subscribed in the current month.

WOTA holds an active Binance Corporate Account where your funds are directly pooled and deposited to trade during active subscription period.

All trading activities at WOTA are performed by a team of experienced and skilled traders instead of using trading bots. These veteran traders leverage WOTA's proprietary 3-Layered ETH Algorithm to identify which alt coins to buy at what price while selling would depend on the traders’ discretion. The trading team at WOTA follows the principle rule #1 of “Never selling at a loss” religiously.

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